eyeSite monitors and records your team's progress, using photos and data captured on mobile devices

Your team takes photos of their work, before, during and after, using the eyeSite mobile app.

eyeSite tags the photos with the job reference, GPS location, and satellite time and date, then uploads them over the mobile network, by bluetooth or wifi, to a password-protected website.

You can then see how exactly work is progressing, in real time. No need for after-the-event inspections, if something is wrong you can address it immediately.

eyeSite enables real-time monitoring for efficient workflow management, higher quality standards, and detailed record keeping.

  • Monitors progress and location in real time
  • Allows efficient workflow management
  • Saves time matching photos to tasks
  • Compiles a visual record, useful in resolving disputes
  • Captures data like measurements, checkpoints, comments etc
  • Configurable to match your business processes
  • Secure access control

eyeSite has been designed for complete flexibility so that all aspects of the system can be tailored to fit your company's workflow and branding.

Talk to us to see how eyeSite could work for you. 


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